Streaming Video Collection on Site

2006 NCTA China Study Tour Karen Doolittle DVD

Asia's Expansion: Treasures & Travels (2005 Discovery Channel School on Yantze civilizations, Wu Gorge, Three Gorges Dam, Ba Coffins, and more [1 hour])

Changing China: Forestry, Flooding, and Farming (1999 Discovery School Education on Deforestation [20 minutes])

Changing China: The Three Gorges Dam (1999 Discovery School Education [20 minutes])

Changing China: Urban Development in Shanghai (1999 Discovery School Education [20 minutes])

China: From Past to Present: Geography, Traditional Religions, and Beliefs (2004 United Learning [17 minutes])

China: From Past to Present: The Silk Road, the Great Wall, Changes in Government (2004 United Learning [21 minutes])

Hidden Peoples of China (1987 United Learning [25 minutes])

Religions of the World: Buddhism (2000 United Learning [28 minutes])

Secrets of the Wild Panda (1995 United Learning [53 minutes])