PowerPoint Presentations - China 2006 Study Tour
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Then & Now: Yangtze River (Compilation of the Elliot Slides 1905/1908 v 2006 NCTA Study Tour)

Overview of China Study Tour (Department Meeting Curriculum Discussion)

Why bother learning about China? (An introduction to studying China)

The Forbidden City: The Palace of the Emperor of Heaven
(This is meant to go with the lesson: Creating Imperial Robes of China's Legendary Emperors)

The Great Wall at Juyongguan
(This is meant to go with the lesson: Examining the Reign of Qin Shi Huang Di)

The Silk Road - Why "Silk?"
(This is meant to go with the lesson: Silk Road - Examining Foreign Influences on Chinese Culture)

Chinese Traditions and Culture
(This is meant to go with the lesson: Encountering Ancient Traditions in Modern Family Life)

Why are there so many people in China? (This is meant to go with the lesson on China's Population)

The Last Emperor: A Primer (Quiz on the movie)

The Role of the Yangtze River Project PowerPoint (NERC & NELMS Presentations)


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