Community Background and History Questions

Mr. Mitchell Social Studies


Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences and in paragraph form. Use at least ONE citation or quote for each answer.


  1. Looking at the map included, why did Coventry separate and become its own town from Warwick? What benefit would this serve, in your opinion?
  2. How and why did Rice City, among others, develop in Coventry?
  3. What were the two important influences in the nineteenth century (1800s) on the development of Coventry and how did they contribute to its growth? Explain and use examples.
  4. What was the major influence on the development of Coventry in the twentieth century (1900s)? Use specific examples.
  5. How are the mill town development trend versus the twentieth century and current development trend different in shaping the town of Coventry? Think of all of the new developments of neighborhoods or houses that have gone up over the past several years?
  6. How is Coventry likely to develop in the future, in your opinion? Use specific examples from the text and any of your own.