Defining Community Brainstorming Web Activity

Mr. Mitchell's Social Studies

Step 1: Review the definition of Community (Wikipedia) or What is a Community PowerPoint.

Step 2: In your group, have your recorder write down all of the brainstormed words on Post It Notes that your group has come up with that make up the definition of community. For example, communication, family, friends, culture,... *Brainstorming means some words or thoughts might be unusable, but the idea is to get them down and AFTER you can delete them.

Step 3: Divide your words/phrases your group came up with into the following sections:


Step 4: Elect a member of your group to stick the Post It Notes in their respective categories in the above sections on the front board.

Step 5: As a class, we need to eliminate the repetitive words/phrases and decide which brainstormed words should remain or go into the "VERY SURE" category. These words make up what is a COMMUNITY to us.

Step 6: In your group, categorize the remaining words on the board into a web form. For example, Church or Traditions might fall under Culture. Cars or Trains might fall under Transportation.

Step 7: As a class, we now can create a class web of the definition of what a Community is to us on the board. This will be referred to in later lessons and may be amended/changed.

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