Surveying, Calculating Percentages, & Graphing

Mr. Mitchell’s Social Studies


Designing and Implementing a Survey:


1.     Write a question that can be easily answered. Ex: How many TV’s do you have in your residence?


2.     Create a table to enter the data/answers collected. Ex:



# Participants




3 or more

IIII (etc. to 25)

Need at least 25 participants for real survey



IIII (etc. to 17)


Total 25







Calculating Percentages:


1.     Once you’re finished surveying, divide each column total by the total of participants. Ex: If 17 people answered that they had two TV’s in their house, the equation would look like: 17/25 = 0.68

2.     Then convert the answer to a percentage by moving the decimal over two places to the right. Ex: 0.68 = 68%


Graphing your results:


1.     Go to the website:

2.     Click “Start Making Graphs”

3.     For this assignment, choose Pie Graph.

4.     Choose the way it will look – understand that the printed copy from school will be in black and white. (Patterns work better here)

5.     Click the “Data” tab on the right.

6.     Title = Your question you asked.

7.     Source = Survey of KOMS students

8.     Pie Slices = How many types of answers/choices you gave.

9.     Item label = The titles of each. Ex: “3 or more”.

10. Value = Enter the percentage for each column.

11. Click “Label”

12. Type = “% of total” Leave all else as is on this page.

13. Click “Preview” (Make sure it matches your results.)

14. Click “Print/Save”. Then print it! You can get Adobe Acrobat from my Helpful Downloads page.





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