Defining Community Survey

Mr. Mitchell – Social Studies


Directions/Overview: Your group has been assigned a sub-category within the class’s definition of community. Now it is time to actually collect real data through surveying in order to define the community that you live in.


Step 1: Break it Down! Brainstorm a list of questions that breaks the sub-category you were assigned into smaller parts.


Step 2: Delegate! Assign at least TWO questions to each member of your group.


Step 3: Create a data table following the example provided in class. This is used to collect and keep track of all of the responses in your survey. This needs to be neat and organized! You must ask everyone the exact same question!


Step 4: Survey! Find at least 25 participants to answer your questions completely.


Step 5: Calculate! Calculate your responses into percentages using the format provided.


Step 6: Graph It! Graph your responses using the “Create a Graph” Internet site ( Select the pie graph format.


Step 7: What Does It All Mean! Write a conclusion that summarizes your results and findings. Be sure to discuss how it relates or helps define your community. Also talk about the limits of your findings.


*Example sheet of how to follow the steps*



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