Inventory of Materials Sheet

Mr. Mitchell Ė Social Studies


Overview: Each group will be provided with the following materials. Some of them are more important or specific to your section. Others are supplemental, but helpful in gaining an understanding of the larger status of your community. You may request more copies. It is also suggested that you research some of the links or websites provided for you to add to your research. You are responsible for these, so donít misplace them!


Maps Included. (Each map is separated into two sections: East and Western Coventry. You need to tape these together to form a large and complete map of the town.)


1.      Recreation, Conservation, and Open Space Map

2.      Agricultural Land Map

3.      Community Facilities and Services Map

4.      Natural and Cultural Resources Map

5.      Wetlands Map

6.      Existing Land Use Map

7.      Existing Zoning Districts Map

8.      Census Tracts and Traffic Analysis Map

9.      Scale map of Coventry (color) showing all roads and more.


Documents, Tables, Summaries.


1.      Your sections Visions, Goals, and Objectives

2.      Municipal Fiscal Structure

3.      Open Space and Recreation Needs Assessment

4.      Community Services and Facilities

5.      Demographic and Socioeconomic Characteristics

6.      Street and Highway Characteristics