Improving Your Community Project: Part 1

Mr. Mitchell Social Studies


Directions/Overview: Each of you will work with a group of your peers in researching a part of the Coventry Comprehensive Plan. The group will choose or be assigned to one of the following sections of the plan: Land Use, Circulation, Community Services & Facilities, Open Space and Recreation, Economic Development, or Natural & Cultural Resources. Once you have your section topic, your group can begin the project to eventually propose your own solution to ensuring a positive future for your community. The best presentations/solutions will go before REAL Town Council and Planning Commission members.


Step 1: Research! Review all of the materials you have been given. Take time to read over and understand each map or document. You will need to comprehend what each of these mean and then be able to use them to come up with a plan. Create note sheets to clarify any confusing details. Ask the teacher for help!!!


Step 2: Translate your vision, goals, & objectives! Read over these and re-word them into something that can be understood by the members of your class. This will require a dictionary and other inquiry. Make sure you truly know what each means!


Step 3: Add your own goal or objective! Once you truly understand what the town has come up with for its future, think of what yourselves might add to make it even better! You need to come up with at least one.


Step 4: Report to your classmates! Your group will present to the class on what your translated vision, goals, and objectives are, in addition to, explaining what materials go along with it. The goal here is to have the entire class understand what your section is about and any other additions that your group has made.