Improving Your Community Project – Part 2

Mr. Mitchell – Social Studies


Directions/Overview: Now it is time to use the research, materials, and goals & objectives you have created to put together a plan to improve your town the way you think it needs to be in the future. Follow all of the steps and include ALL of the content required.


Step 1: Brainstorm and assemble all of the materials and research you will need to implement your goals and objectives, in addition to the ones you translated. What materials will you need? What research do you still need to do? Assign each group member with a task.


Step 2: Think about what you learned regarding Visual Pollution and Smart Growth and incorporate them into your plan. You MUST reference them and demonstrate your understanding of the principles involved.


Step 3: Each group will need to designate each member with a specific task that they are to be responsible for in the main presentation. Ensure that this is fairly assigned given each person’s talents. This needs to be written down and approved by the teacher.


Step 4: Create an outline for your presentation. Before your group may move on, this needs to be approved by the teacher.


Step 5: Assemble all of the materials and research needed to present the outline you created effectively in your presentation.

            You MUST include the following in your presentation:

1.      Reference an example of how your plan incorporates Smart Growth.

2.      Reference an example on how your plan would combat Visual Pollution.

3.      Refer and use at least three different maps of Coventry provided.

4.      Use at least two pictures of Coventry.

5.      Refer to at least two tables or quotes from the written information provided.

6.      Include an estimate of the cost of implementing your plan OR how you propose to raise the money to do it. (Ask the teacher for ideas)

7.      Include a detailed explanation of why Coventry would be a better community or place to live if your plan was implemented.


Step 6: Design your presentation. You may use PowerPoint, poster boards, transparencies, etc. Be sure that ALL of your visuals can be seen and understood by the audience watching.


Good Luck!!! Your community is counting on you!