Questions about the Nacirema

Mr. Mitchell’s Social Studies




Market Economy





Directions: Answer the questions in paragraph form. Use complete sentences. Elaboration is critical! You MUST use citations/quotes from the text. They may not be more than two sentences in length!


  1. What do the Nacirema really care about? They spend a lot of their time on these activities?


  1. What does the anthropologist (author) have to say about the Nacirema’s homes or places they live?



  1. The anthropologist describes magical potions in a charm box. What is the purpose of these and the box they are in? Explain.


  1. What does the “holy mouth man” do?


  1. What is the purpose of the “latipsoh” and the medicine men that dwell in there?



  1. What similarities and/or differences do we, as a culture, have with the Nacirema?


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