The Sprawl Trend Assignment

Mr. Mitchell's Social Studies

Step 1: Compare/Contrast neighborhoods A & B using the graphic organizer.

            Neighborhood A                Neighborhood B                Graphic Organizer

Step 2: Answer the prompt in paragraph form: Which neighborhood would you rather live in? Why?

Step 3: Calculate the population increases from 1950-1990 of Providence and Kent county using the formula and population numbers provided. SHOW YOUR WORK!

            Providence County         1950: 574,973        1990: 596,270

            Kent County                   1950: 77,763            1990: 161,135

            Formula at Dr. Math

Step 4: Review the following county map and population density map of RI:

RI County Map                Population Density Map of RI

Step 5: Answer the prompt in paragraph form: Based on your calculations and the two maps above, where are people moving to and from in RI? Why is this the case? Elaborate and use your data.