Student PowerPoint Presentations to the Coventry Town Council and Planning Commission Members

Mr. Mitchell - Social Studies '05/'06


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Student PowerPoint Presentations are Categorized into Sections of Coventry's Comprehensive Plan (Click on the PowerPoint Slide to View Presentation - You must have Microsoft PowerPoint to view them):

Land Use

Monika K., Megan T., Anissa R., Rob B.


Brittany M., Zach C., Jeff B., Frankie S.

Community Services and Facilities

Cameron R., Ashley R., Frank V., Jade L., Erin T.

Allie T., Bridget R., Natasha Y., Chad G., Chace C.

Kelsey U., Olivia P., Aaron B., Liz F.

Open Space and Recreation

Rebecca R., Andrew G., Katelynn S., Jacob C.

Alyssa B., Cassie J., Kyle P., Austin C.

Economic Development

Ariel L., Nathan S., Dylan L., Corey O.

Haylee M., Cody N., Alexis B., Eddie K.

Natural and Cultural Resources

Kayla R., Eric P., Paulina M., Andrew J.