Understanding RIGIS Coventry Thematic Maps - by Mrs. Simas (Science) 


Directions: Use the Photo Gallery of Coventry Thematic Maps (RIGIS) to answer the following questions:


Forest and Wetland Resources:

  1. Deciduous, Mixed and Evergreens are three types of _______________________
  2. Based on the map, the majority of Coventry is made up of forests or wetlands? _________________
  3. Where is the greatest concentration of wetlands based on this map? ___________


Groundwater Map

  1. In which school district (Flat River or Knotty Oak) is the greatest percentage of wells? ________________________
  2. What is an aquifer? _______________________________________________
  3. Explain why we have “protected” areas in Coventry? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Why is this information important for you to know? Why is this information important to developers? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Overview (Facilities) Map

  1. Where is Knotty Oak MS located on this map? (Hint look for the fire dept and police station) _________________________


Land Use Map

  1. Where is the most commercial and industrial locations in Coventry (provide road names)? __________________________________________________________
  2. Should we begin developing in other area of Coventry? Why or Why not? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________


Soil Hydrology Map

  1. What does it mean for the soil to be permeable? ____________________________



Explain how what we do in Coventry affects other towns and how what other towns do affect Coventry (groundwater, contamination, pollution).




How will this information help you with your project? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________