Questions on Shipwrecked Role-Play


Directions: Based on the role-play conducted in class, choose two of the following questions from below. Write a brief essay response (150 word minimum for each answer) to each of these questions using the content discussed and covered in class. *You MUST use examples from class, the real world, and what we've covered in class so far!


      What is the best or most effective way for a community of people to govern (make group decisions for the whole community) themselves, in your opinion? Think of the difference between an hierarchy and an egalitarian society. It doesn't have to be one or the other. Your idea might lie somewhere between the two.


      What are some of the positives and negatives to having land ownership (private property) or sharing the land as a community? Think of the following questions to form your answer: Who owns the land first? How does land pass on after someone dies?


      Does a community need money? How is trading things among people related? Could our community of the United States deal without having money? Why or why not?


      Does a community need laws or rules? Why or why not? If so, what laws might they be and how would they be carried out? What are some of the possible problems/dilemmas that might result?


      How does a community determine who does what job? In other words, not all people can be school principals, so how is this determined and by who or what?


      When is it necessary or justified to go to war or use violence as a community? Or is it ever justified or necessary?