Example from Courtney Chauvette


Domain 3: Professional Responsibilities


3a: Reflecting on Teaching:

      Through Observation

      I often reflect on classroom assignments in a variety of ways. The new curriculum makes it difficult to anticipate all possible issues with lesson plans. Therefore reflecting is an essential part of the planning process.

      Often I will reflect on an informal level by writing notes to myself for the following year. However, there have been many times when I will seek out the professionals in my department for ideas on how to improve a lesson for future use.

      Common Plan Time has also been used as a way to reflect on my teaching strategies and techniques. I have presented lessons to the team as a way to improve lessons and to determine what strategies are successful thus far.

      See Reflective Essay


3b: Communicating with Families:

      Through Observation

      Team Website

      Student Led Portfolios

      Email and phone calls home

      Team fundraiser night at Unos

      Student progress reports

      Open House


3c: Contributing to the School and District:

      Through Observation                         



      Family Action Team


3d: Growing and Developing Professionally:

      Through Observation

      See lesson plans and student work provided

      Graduate Classes at Providence College pusueing a degree in Literacy

      SIT Team




3e: Showing Professionalism:

      Through Observation

      Unit Plans/Lesson Plans

      Resources are available for students and families with emotional and financial needs and are provided by the town, school department and especially the school. Such resources include behavior specialists, councilors, psychologists, guidance councilors, and peer/adult mentors. By building my knowledge of these programs I will be able to benefit all students, especially those who may not have a positive home life.

      Bringing student needs to TST Team and administrative team

o       Anthony Guilmette

o       Monica Colouro

o       Devin Studley