Watching Streaming Videos Fix - What to do if the video keeps freezing on you...

1. First, right-click your mouse within the video screen in the web page.

2. Click "Settings"

This window appears after you click "Settings"

3. Move the arrow underneath the sentence, "How much information can store on your computer?" to the far right.

This is what you should see after you have moved the arrow

4. The arrow is now to the far right, letting the streaming video file download to your temporary memory as it needs to do for uninterrupted viewing.

5. You should regularly delete the temporary memory stored by many websites automatically on your computer. To do this effectively and for free, download the program CCleaner (Free and does not hurt your computer).

Enjoy the videos! - Remember: If your Internet connection is slow, it's not this site's fault. If your computer is really old, it just might be slow due to it's antiquated hardware.