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Almost all content we cover in our U.S. History curriculum will be accessible online. There are many supplemental tools on our website to further learning. The software downloads below will help you access all of this content. The programs are safe and have been tested. If you do not know the username and password for student access, ask the team teacher. Enjoy!

Old Department Unit Pages:
Causes of the American Revolution
The American Revolution
The U.S. Constitution
Westward Expansion


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Thematic Curriculum - Understanding the past to understand the present

The goal of our curriculum is to teach the content of world history through the lense of timeless and widespread themes that are relevant to all eras and places in our world's history. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." (George Santayana, American philosopher) With this in mind, our curriculum seeks to explain the past so that students will have a more comprehensive understanding of their world today.