Google Apps Tutorials!


Video Tutorials (Thanks to Jen Graham & Maria Boulmetis):

Google Products

Google Classroom: Teacher & Student View (Roger Nixon)
Google Classroom: Turning in an Assignment (Ted Mitchell)
Google Classroom: Opening a Word Doc and Saving it Properly (Ted Mitchell)
Google Forms - Google Drive's Hidden Gem (dottotech)
Tools of Google Presentation (B Marlow)
Google Sheets - Flubaroo (Maria Boulmetis)

Chrome Extensions

SpeakIt - Using the SpeakIt! (Brett Mahaffey)

Web-Based Applications

Prezi - My first prezi (Prezi)
Kahoot! - Kahoot Tutorial (Jeremy Johnson)
Pixlr (Photo editing) - Linking Pixlr Editor to Google Drive (Corey Jeffers)

Download/Print (PDF):

Sumo Paint: Google Slides - Drawing Over an Existing Image

Extra Tutorials That Might Be Helpful:
Burning Files (Pictures) to a Blank DVD (Vista)