Solomon's Temple
Responding to Challenges Faced by the Ancient Israelites

Assignments to hand in:    Challenges Faced by the Ancient Israelites    &    Comprehension Questions (See below)

Step 1: Introduction: Download and play the following audio file: (BAH MITZVAH), while looking at the picture of the narrator below:

Jewish girl at age of Bah Mitzvah Thirteen-year-old Jewish girl on her birthday, celebrating her Bah Mitzvah.

Step 2: Challenges Activity: Look at the corresponding pictures below and complete the handout, Challenged Faced by the Ancient Israelites. Read and follow the directions carefully.

    Challenge A: Samuel Making Saul King of Israel

Religious leader, Samuel, making Saul the king of Israel This is a scene from the Nuremberg Bible of 1493, showing the religious leader Samuel making Saul the king of Israel.

    Challenge B: Temple of Solomon

The Temple of Solomon A rendition of the Temple of Solomon, which was built during the reign of King Solomon (972 - 922 B.C.E.)

    Challenge C: Portion of Dead Sea Scrolls

Portion of the Dead Sea Scrolls A portion of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which are fragments of an ancient Torah discovered in a cave near the Dead Sea.

Step 4: Comprehension Questions: Answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper: