Ancient Greece Unit - Videos

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Ancient Greece History

Alexander the Great (Summary)

Alexander the Great: Murder Unsolved (Summary)

*Ancient Almanac: Ancient Gold of Troy (Summary)

Ancients Behaving Badly - Alexander the Great (Summary)

*Ancient Discoveries: The Siege of Troy (Summary)

*Aristotle: Creating Foundations (Summary)

Battleground: The Art of War - Alexander the Great (Summary

Battles B.C. - Judgment Day at Marathon (Summary)

Clash of the Gods - Hades (Summary)

Clash of the Gods - Hercules (Summary)

Clash of the Gods - Labyrinth of the Minotaur (Summary)

Clash of the Gods - Medusa (Summary)

Clash of the Gods - Odysseus: Curse of the Seas (Summary)

Clash of the Gods - Odysseus: Warrior's Revenge (Summary)

Clash of the Gods - Zeus (Summary)

Discovering Ancient Greece [1500-100 B.C.E.] (Summary)

Engineering an Empire: Greece (Summary)

Engineering an Empire: Greece - The Age of Alexander (Summary)

Engineering an Empire: The Persians (Summary)

First Olympian (Summary)

Great Books: The Odyssey (Summary)

Greece: Isle of Revelation (Summary)

Greece: Secrets of the Past (Summary)

Greek Gods and Goddesses (Summary)

*Helen of Troy (Summary)

*History's Mysteries: The Lost City of Atlantis (Summary)

*History's Turning Points: Search for Troy (Summary)

History's Turning Points: The Battle for Salamis (Summary)

*History Viewpoint: Trojan City (Summary)

*In Search of Greece: East & West (Summary)

*In Search of Greece: Families and Feuds (Summary)

Last Stand of The 300 (Summary)

Living History: Living in Ancient Greece (Summary)

Lost Worlds: Athens - Ancient Supercity (Summary)

Lost Worlds: Atlantis (Summary)

Math & Culture: The Greeks (Summary)

*The Mystery of the Parthenon (Summary)

*Mystical Monuments of Ancient Greece (Summary)

The Odyssey (Summary)

*Oracle at Delphi (Summary)

The Ancient World: The Minoans (Summary)

*The Rise and Fall of the Spartans: Code of Honor (Summary)

*The Rise and Fall of the Spartans: Tides of War (Summary)

Searching for Lost Worlds: Atlantis - Mystery of the Minoans (Summary)

*Secrets of Archaeology: Athens - Western Splendor (Summary)

*Secrets of the Dead: Sinking Atlantis (Summary)

*The Spartans: Episode 2 (Summary)

*The Spartans: Episode 3 (Summary)

Superweapons of the Ancient World: The City Destroyer (Summary)

The True Story of Alexander the Great (Summary)

*The True Story of Troy (Summary)

The Truth about Troy (Summary)

What the Ancients Knew: Greeks (Summary)

*Where did it come from? Ancient Greece Weapons of Mass Destruction (Summary)

General World History
(Filed in General World History Bin)

Ancient Civilizations: Balancing the Budget (Summary)

Ancient Civilizations: The End is the Beginning (Summary)

Ancient Civilizations: Legacies (Summary)

Ancient Civilizations: On the Town (Summary)

*Ancient Discoveries: Ancient Robots (Summary)

*Ancient Discoveries: Cars and Planes (Summary)

*Ancient Discoveries: Impossible Naval Engineering (Summary)

*Ancient Discoveries: Machines II (Summary)

*Ancient Discoveries: Mega Structures of the Deep (Summary)

*Ancient Discoveries: Warfare (Summary)

*Ancient Sites Brought to Life (Summary)

The Ancient World (Summary)

The Barbarian West (Summary)

Lost Treasures of the Ancient World: The Seven Wonders (Summary)

*Lost Worlds: Seven of the Worlds (Summary)

World History: Ancient Civilizations (Summary)


*300: The Movie (Summary)

*Alexander: Director's Cut (Summary)

Troy: The Movie (Summary)

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