Early Humans Unit: Lessons/Activities!

Interpreting the Past

World History Timeline Assignment

Assembling an Archeological Team

What Do We Know About Our Human Ancestors?

Ardipithecus Ramidus: Challenging Our Understanding of History Through Primary & Secondary Sources

Analyzing Paleolithic Art

Changes in Daily Life: Paleolithic to Neolithic

Discovering How Sumerian City-State Emerged

Sumerian Achievements: Reflections of Civilization

Supplemental Lessons

Shipwrecked Role-Play (Knowing the Essential Questions)

Motel for the Mysteries Analyzing and Interpreting Artifacts Activity

The Birth of Religion: Our Understanding of History Challenged

Understanding Our Place in Human History

Human Origin Stories

Neolithic Social Organization: Quote Sandwich Activity

Tracing the Development of Cuneiform

Virtual Tour of Catalhoyuk

Unit Assessment: Creating a Character Collage