Alhambra - Palace in Granada, Spain
The Contributions of Muslims to World Civilization

Assignment to hand in: Contributions of Muslims to World Civilization Graphic Organizer [Word Version] & Contributions of Muslims Map

Introduction: Islamic Architecture - Watch the video below to gain an understanding on the Islamic Civilization's contribution to architecture in the world

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Step 1: Graphic Organizer: Print out the graphic organizer: Contributions of Muslims to World Civilization (You can type it in Microsoft Word using the link above.)

Step 2: Muslim Contributions to World Civilization: Look at each PICTURE below (click on it for larger version), read the DESCRIPTION, and complete the GRAPHIC ORGANIZER.


Two men playing chess Description of Chess

Irrigation Techniques and Underground Wells

Irrigation techniques and underground wells Description of Irrigation Techniques and Underground Wells


Zoology Description of Zoology

Banking System

Banking system Description of Banking System


Muslim calligraphy Description of Calligraphy

Geometric and Floral Design

Geometric and floral design Description of Geometric and Floral Design


Bookmaking Description of Bookmaking

House of Wisdom

House of Wisdom Description of House of Wisdom


Astronomy Description of Astronomy


Algebra Description of Algebra


Hospital at Cordoba Description of Hospitals

Herbal Medicines and Pharmacies

Herbal medicines and pharmacies Description of Herbal Medicines and Pharmacies

City of Baghdad

City of Baghdad Description of City of Baghdad


Polo Description of Polo

Libraries of Cordoba

Libraries at Cordoba Description of Libraries of Cordoba

Music of Muslim Spain

Music - Man playing the oud Description of Music of Muslim Spain

Music Track 1: Shems al-a'shi' ("Sun of the Afternoon")

Music Track 2: Ya Shadi al-Alhan ("Oh Singer of Melodies")

Step 3: Map: Print out the Map of Muslim Contributions to World Civilization and draw the symbol you created from each contribution in the appropriate place on the map.

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