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China in the 21st CenturyCreated by Ted Mitchell

 Buddhist Monk and I on the Great Wall (Mutianyu)

Buddhist Monk and I on the Great Wall (Mutianyu) outside of Beijing, China

Photo Galleries - Click any of the Places Visited links and you can find photo galleries of the corresponding pictures. Each photo gallery contains thumbnail pictures that are links to the original full jpeg image. While the photo gallery version is not pretty to look at, it is meant to provide download access to the full jpeg image. On a PC, right-click and save the image wherever you want. For a Mac, control-click instead.
I only deleted the very poor pictures I took, so some images are not the best, but I posted them anyway, given someone might find or need use of them. Use them as you please.

Slideshows - The slideshows are a sample of all of the pictures from each place. They are in Adobe Flash format, so it won't work normally on an iPhone or iPad. I recommend the Skyfire Browser app that allows to view the slideshows. (Apple is extremely proprietary and stubborn, and has yet to play nice with Adobe - like every other company out there...maybe in the future.)