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Confucius Temple in Shanghai, China
Confucius Temple in Shanghai

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Before this temple was founded, there was a place set aside for Confucian study and worship in the Zitong Clan Temple in Shanghai. When the city attained county status in 1292 (Yuan Dynasty), a new temple dedicated solely to Confucius was constructed. Completed in 1296, the Wen Miao Temple became Shanghai's most important place of learning.
The Confucian Temple was moved to different locations four times before it was reconstructed on its current site in 1855. The temple suffered major damage during the Taiping Rebellion (mid-19th century), during which the element of the Small Swords Society led by Liu Lichuan was headquartered in the Ming Lun Hall of the temple. Further damage was intentionally inflicted by Red Guard soldiers during the Cultural Revolution (1966-76).
Most of the present buildings were reconstructed or restored in 1999 to celebrate the 2,550th birthday of Confucius.
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