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Old Suzhou High School - Suzhou, China
The Old Suzhou High School next to the Temple of Confucius in Suzhou, China

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Suzhou High School of Jiangsu Province is located on Sanyuan Fang of Renmin Road in the city of Suzhou. Suzhou High School’s beautiful grounds occupy an area of 160 mu (10.66 square kilometers), with its numerous teaching facilities reflected in its exquisite surroundings.  
The teaching areas of Suzhou High School are located around Daoshan Hill. The main teaching buildings are the Science Building facing the main gate and, built in 1936, the Teaching Complex (comprised of the Eastern and Western red buildings and the five-story edifice), the newly-renovated Assembly Hall, the recently completed Library and the Laboratory Building, the brand-new Info-tech Building, the White Building, etc. The eastern living area contains modern student apartments and cafeteria.  
By December, 2004, Suzhou High School owns 4,287 students (2,167 at Lida, 126 at the branch school), who are divided into 87 classes (42 at Lida, 4 at the branch school), 379 teaching staff, including 292 full-time teachers (among whom 128 are senior teachers, and 22 are entitled special level experts).  
Suzhou High School enjoys a long and remarkable history dating back to the year 1035. Originally a prefectural school, it was founded by a famous scholar and minister named Fan Zhongyan who presided under Emperor Ren Zong of the Song Dynasty. The remains of the prefectural school are now to be found within the grounds of Suzhou High School.  
Over the past 100 years, many notable scholars have worked at this great academy. To name just a few: the masters of Chinese culture Luo Zhenyu, Wang Guowei and Qian Mu,; the historian Lu Simian; the artist Yan Wenliang; the literati Wumei, the linguist Lu Shuxiang, and the demographics expert Hu Huanyong.  
The rich cultural background of Suzhou High School has cultivated numerous students and most of the graduates have become elites of the society, 36 of which are now on the Chinese Academy of Science and the Chinese Academy of Engineering.  
Since the economic reform and the opening to the outside world, Suzhou High School has paid more and more attention to innovation and creativity in its education. In the past 10 years, with the start of educational modernization and with Deng Xiaoping’s theory as the guideline, Suzhou High School has inherited and given full play to the traditional features of “root deep in history and culture, mission high in running the school, earnest teaching and studying style to establish a solid foundation for the further development of students”.  
Suzhou High School of Jiangsu Province is highly recognized nationwide. Suzhou High School has won honorable titles of all kinds, such as “Civilized Unit” for 5 consecutive years, “Aesthetic Advanced School” twice, “Model School”, etc. Recently, the school has been entitled as one of the first “4-star” schools of the province.
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