Bongwansa Temple in Seoul
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Bongwansa Temple

Bongwansa Temple in Seoul


"Bongwon-Temple was originally built on the site of today's Yonsei University(former Yonhi palace) by Great master Doseon(827-898 A.D.) in 889 A.D., 3rd year of Jinseong Queen, the 51st of Shilla Dynasty. And moved this place in 1748, 24th year of Yongjo the Great in Choseon Dynasty, by high monk Chanjeub and zen master Jeungam, with Buddhists and the help of the King's authority. The following year, Yongjo the Great bestowed a signboard inscribing "Bongwon-Temple", and Buddhist laymen called this temple "Saejeol(New-Temple)", since this was newly built then. and the present signboard on the Myongbujeon was autographed by Jeong Dojeon,a great confucianist in Choseon Dynasty.
Afterward, Jeongjo the Great had established Chilgyu-Jeongso, an institude for regulating monk's discipline and Promoting Buddhist society, on this temple. Later, Yi Dongin, the Pioneer monk of last century, stayed on this for five years. And he taught Kim Okgyun, the revolutionist for the enlightment of Korea." (Temple Webpage)

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