Bongwansa Temple in Seoul
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Created by Ted Mitchell
Summer 2008 Study Tour sponsored by the Korea Foundation

Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School of Coventry


Photo Galleries

Bokseoksa Temple (Information)
Bongwansa Temple (Information)
Bulguksa Temple (Information)
Cars in South Korea (Information)
Changdeokgung Palace (Information)
Cheongye Stream (Information)
Confucian Culture Museum (Information)
The DMZ (Information)
Dosan Seowon Confucian Academy (Information)
Goyang Foreign Language High School (Information)
Hwaseong Fortress (Information)
Hyundai Heavy Industries Shipyard (Information)
Jogyesa Temple (Information)
Korean National Museum (Information)
N Seoul Tower (Information)
Protest of U.S. Beef Import Deal (Information)
Seokguram Grotto (Information)
Seoul (Information)
Seoul Studio Apartment
Signs in South Korea
Silla Tumuli in Gyeongju (Information)
South Korean Agriculture
South Korean Geography (Information)
South Korean Food (Information)
South Korean Street Life
Tea Ceremony (Information)
War Memorial of Korea (Information)
World Cup Stadium (Information)
Wyverns v. LG Twins Baseball Game (Information)
Yonsei University (Information)


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