Bongwansa Temple in Seoul
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Jogyesa Temple

Jogyesa Temple in Seoul


"Jogyesa was originally built in 1910 at the place of the present Susong Park and bore the name of Gakhwangsa Temple. The great monk, Manhae Hanyongwun built the temple in the context of the Buddhist innovation movement and thus it became the spiritual center for Koreans during the Japanese occupation. In 1936, it became the headquarters of the Korean Buddhist Taego Order. In 1938, the Main Buddha Hall was reconstructed onthe present site. After Korea's national independence in 1945, the Buddhist Purification Movement was led by the temple with a view to clear away the vestiges of Japanese imperialism. In 1954, it was renamed Jogyesa, and it is the only traditional temple located inside the boundary of four gates of the city of Seoul built during the Joseon Dynasty." (Jogyesa Website)

Jogyesa Temple Website


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