Confucius (Why do people live the way they do?)

The goal of this unit is for students to understand who Confucius was and the philosophy he tried to teach the world. It also examines the influence his teachings has had on China, Korea and Japan. Most importantly, students will learn how to analyze and apply the philosophy of Confucius to their own world at school, redesigning their school behavior policy and mission statement so that it models the tenets of Confucianism.
This unit does use the movie "Confucius" by Mei Hu. You would need to purchase or rent a copy of the movie to implement this part of the unit.

What is in this project?

There are five core components of this unit:
His Life - The geography, timeline of historical events, and a background of Confucius and the life he lived
His Philosophy - The teachings, beliefs, and tenets that were taught by Confucius. Analyzing and Applying the Analects of Confucius activity.
The Movie - Using the feature film, Confucius, as a means to better understand and analyze Confucius and his techings.
His Legacy - How Confucius influenced Chinese, Korean, and Japanese culture in history and today.
Applying Confucius - Taking what you've learned about Confucianism and creating a mission statement and school values for your school. Then write a reflection weighing your philosophy of living life compared to the teachings of Confucius.