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Confucius Temple in Taipei, Taiwan
Confucius Temple in Taipei, Taiwan

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Temples to Confucius are a concrete symbol of Chinese Confucian culture. As everyone knows, the Confucius Temple of Qu Fu, Shantung, is the largest and most ancient of China's Confucius temples. Located at the original site of Confucius residence, it has grown over the course for some 2,000 years to become of magnificent scale, and has also served as a blueprint for Confucius temples in every province of China. By the Ming and Ching Dynasties, most counties and municipalities in China have built Confucius temples, which were called Confucian schools, to serve as centers for Confucian study and education in general.The Confucius Temple of Taipei can be traced its origins back to 1875 when the Qing court established in Taipei as a prefecture city for Northern Taiwan. In 1879, construction began in Taipei City, including the literary and martial temples which were to be built inside the southern gate of the city. Both temples faced south, with the Literary Temple on the left and the Martial Temple on the right.
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