Outside of the Classroom

By Ted Mitchell

Common Core in Social Studies Instruction - RI Dept. of Education "Cut to the Core" Conference Fall 2013 (Featured lessons: Motel of the Mysteries & Ardipithecus Ramidus

Confucius: Life & Influence - Northeast Regional Social Studies Conference 2011 & FCCEAS Summer Seminar: Confucius in China 2011

The Silk Road: Yesterday & Today - Results of a Study Tour(s) - FCCEAS NCTA 2009-2010 Final Seminar

So, How Was Your "Trip?" Using the Study Tour Website to Integrate Asia into the Curriculum - FCCEAS 2010 Debriefing Weekend

ASFMS Social Studies Curriculum Explained - PTSA Workshop 2010

How has Conflict and Cooperation Shaped Korean History? - Northeast Regional Social Studies Conference 2010

The Geography of Japan - FCCEAS & Massachusett's Geography Alliance Seminar 2010

Korea - Japan Study Tour Overview - FCCEAS 2009 Study Tour Orientation

The Silk Road: Yesterday & Today - Northeast Regional Social Studies Conference 2009

On China: A Primer for Mr. Fang's Visit - ASFMS Faculty Meeting 2009

Chinese Geography: Yangtze River (Modified from Role of...)- East Asia Seminar 2009 at St. George's Prep School

The Role of the Yangtze River on Chinese History and Development - Northeast Regional Social Studies Conference 2008, New England League of Middle Schools Conference 2008, & China Study Tour Dissemination Fall 2008

Students as Town Planners - Our Community Project PowerPoint Presentation - R.I.C. Promising Practices Conference (November 2007)

Our Community Project: Incorporating ViewFinders Too - Dunn Foundation's 2007 Winter Conference

China Study Tour 2006 Summary PowerPoint Presentation - Knotty Oak Middle School Social Studies Department (Fall 2006)

The Yangtze River: Then [1905-1908] and Now [2006] PowerPoint Presentation - Five College Center for East Asian Studies (NCTA) Dissemination Conference in Amherst, MA (Fall 2006)

Using Technology in the Classroom - Presentation to Parent Teacher Student Association PowerPoint (Fall 2005)

GrowSmartRI Advisory Board PowerPoint Presentation - Proposed Curriculum (Fall 2005)

Social Studies Student Teacher Interview Portfolio PowerPoint at Rhode Island College (Spring 2005)

Community Geography PowerPoint to the Rhode Island Geography Alliance (Spring 2005)