Web Design/Editing

Outside of the Classroom

By Ted Mitchell

New England Geography Education Network (Designed and edit since Fall 2011)

Massachusetts Geographic Alliance (Designed Fall 2011)

Central Asia for the Classroom Teacher (Designed Summer 2011 - Not online anymore)

Confucius: Life and Influence Online Unit (Designed Spring 2011)

Korea: Conflict & Cooperation Online Unit (Designed Spring 2012)

Hopkins Hill Elementary School (Designed Summer 2009 - Not online anymore)

F.C.C.E.A.S. 2009 Study Tour Site (Designed Summer 2009)

Expression Web 2 Tutorial for Teachers (Designed Spring 2009)

The Silk Road: Yesterday & Today Online Unit (Designed Spring 2009)

Coventry Schools' P.B.I.S. (Designed Spring 2009)

Coventry Schools' Response to Intervention (Designed Winter 2009)

Korea Foundation Summer Study Tour (Designed Fall 2008)

Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School of Coventry (Designed and edit since Fall 2007)

N.C.T.A. & F.C.C.E.A.S. China Study Tour (Summer 2006)

Coventry Teachers' Alliance (Designed and edited since Fall 2005)